How Digital Marketing Is Different From Traditional Marketing

Is your small business’s marketing plan effective enough to reach your target market? Are you using social media platforms to connect with potential customers? If neither of these questions gets a resounding “yes,” you should consider social media advertising like Facebook Marketing. For instance, using Facebook advertising as your first technique is a fabulous idea. Do you want to get more traffic? Do you want to increase your sales? For small businesses, expanding their audience means stability and consistent growth. However, getting traffic and attention to your company’s website would be a challenge. For them tapping into social media platforms like Facebook is one of the finest and best ways to find out about their new customers. Approaching and hiring a Facebook marketing agency for small businesses would benefit them with larger benefits. Test out some of the Facebook advertising solutions right now.

What are Facebook marketing services?

Small businesses usually might don’t have the potential bandwidth or funds to invest in comprehensive digital marketing plans like the bigger companies do. Utilizing unpaid social media marketing will help small businesses grow their business with no dedicated marketing team or a big budget. With billions of active users, Facebook marketing is one among them and is the most popular social network. No matter what kind of business you may have, you can find your customers on Facebook as they are more likely on Facebook. 2 out of 3 Facebook users will visit the small business

s’ page at least once a week and it is no wonder that 93% of marketers were using Facebook and 54% of them rank Facebook as the most vital social media network for digital marketing networks. Facebook plays a vital role in digital marketing as it can help small businesses magnify their brand awareness, find new customers, nurture their customer’s loyalty, and improve their sales thereby increasing their website traffic, and enhancing their customer service. Then what you are waiting for? Go and start a free business page to get started with Facebook marketing!

Why BigDigits for Facebook marketing services?

Why should small businesses use the Facebook marketing services from a Facebook marketing agency?

Facebook marketing services offered by the Facebook marketing agency would boost the small businesses’ growth and performance in several ways such as:

  • Building brand awareness and trust

Using the Facebook marketing technique, small businesses can hang out with their customers and prospects on Facebook every day. This is the best marketing platform as Facebook uses an algorithm that helps them show up their ads as people explore the Facebook groups, people, products, and brands they are interested in. This is the main reason behind how new products have been gaining 80% greater discoverability on Facebook than on the retailer or brand websites. 

  • Generating high-quality leads

Facebook marketing benefits small businesses as Facebook offers rich sets of data to help them narrow down their audiences. There are plentiful ways to segment the business audiences like age, gender, job title, spoken language, location, and much more to target the people most likely to click. 

  • Help to get a high return on ad spend

Facebook marketing agencies will help small business to set their budget based on the ads the companies want to run. According to recent statistics, it was stated that the Facebook feed offers the best run-on ad spend (ROAS) when compared with the other social media/pay-per-click platforms.

Why BigDigits for Facebook marketing services?

In general, Facebook marketing experts will help small businesses save their time and money as they help you learn business, build your advertising campaign, and manage it on an ongoing basis. At BigDigits, our experts will take care of everything for your Facebook ad campaigns and they will design your ads, write the copy, select the headlines, and much more. Our team of experts will supply high-resolution graphics, custom graphics, and supply unique ad copies for your Facebook marketing. Apart from providing the services, we will monitor on a monthly bases to improve the results obtained just to make sure that your investment money hasn’t been wasted. All the Facebook marketing works are done in-house so that small businesses can expect effective results and frequent communication. 

Final thoughts

So, if you want to better tap into your target audience, increase your leads, drive more traffic to your website or landing page, start utilizing Facebook marketing services and boost your business sales. Thus, Facebook marketing services are found to be playing a vital role in increasing website traffic and improving small businesses as Facebook delivers the content in the most relevant and organic way. If you are having any doubts regarding the Facebook marketing services, feel free to contact BigDigits. Schedule a free consultation today and get started to reap the benefits of using Facebook marketing services for your small business growth!

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