What is the benefit of a content calendar with detailed information? 

At present, consumers were expecting companies not just to provide them with valuable products but also to create value for their brand/business. One of the best ways to achieve this is to create original, and compelling content and share it consistently. This is where the content calendar comes in! But, a question that puts marketing and communication professionals into trouble is how can I continuously create more engaging, interesting content, and provide it more relevantly not only to my current customers but also to my potential customers. Even though a company is having a team of talented and tech-savvy writers and social media experts, creating relevant content may consistently make them feel like a challenging task from time to time. If you are in such a scenario, a content calendar may be the right solution for you!

content calendar

Content Calendar -Where does it gain importance for?

Businesses and brands today tend to be motivated for creating and sharing more content but, the scarcity of human resources and time often gets in the way. Especially the businesses who were handling their content creation and digital marketing in-house seemed to be struggling while executing all their planned content. Also, it can be said the reason behind this issue may not only be the insufficient resources, but also the inefficient usage of resources available today because of poor planning.

For them, a content calendar is an ultimate way to fight against this issue and to make the most out of the plentiful resources. Indeed, content calendars are an effective tool for coordinating content as it helps split their workload into a clear and easily manageable one! Explore the tips below which would help you make your effort great.

Content Calendar -Where does it gain importance for

A content calendar-What it is?

A content calendar is a resource that helps marketing people plan and organize their digital content for publication. It can also be called a schedule of content that is planned to write, produce, and publish by utilizing a spreadsheet or any other tools to create an effective content calendar.  Be it a social media post, email, blog entry, or something else, creating a content calendar will ensure you that when it can create and when it can be published effectively. It may encompass a range of content based on your industry like:

  1. Status updates 
  2. Updating old contents
  3. Upcoming articles
  4. Pre-planned promotional events
  5. Publishing videos like webinars Case studies.

What should be included in a content calendar?

Although every brand and its marketing team are unique, there are some basic things that a content calendar must include in while creating it. To be included basics are:

Content Calendar

Keywords for SEO

Be sure to include at least one main keyword and it should be used a minimum of five times within every post. Also, the secondary keywords must be included depending on your strategy.

Title and Headers

Your main post title must be having 1-2 options along with the headers that are required to be further expanded on the topic.

Performance Goals

If you are aiming at a specific target like driving traffic to your sales page, be sure to include it such that your writers can know how to frame it.


A brief must be included describing what the post is about and why you are creating it.

Links to more important pages

A list of important pages must include a mix of both the internal links and the external links and such important pages must include relevant pages, illustrative data points, and third-party resources as mentioned.

Deadlines and important dates

Don’t forget to make a note of when the drafts need to be completed and when the content will be published.

Top 10 tips for creating a perfect and efficient content calendar

  1. Define your goals
  2. Create a template for the calendar
  3. Select your channels
  4. Begin with the calendar year
  5. Add your contents 
  6. Have useful content at hand
  7. Utilize prior contents
  8. Set the limits and publishing frequency
  9. Update and review your content plans
  10. Monitor how your contents will be received

Benefits of creating a content calendar

Following are some of the benefits that implementing a content calendar can give: 

  1. It saves peoples energy and time in the long run
  2. It reduces the chances of mistakes
  3. It makes the collaborations easier and more effective
  4. It helps identify areas of improvement 
  5. It prevents infrequently publishing contents 
  6. It boosts the creativity
Benefits of creating a content calendar

Final Thoughts

Hope you would have learned everything about what is a content calendar and how to create it more comprehensively! Whether you are a part of a digital marketing team or organizing a marketing strategy for yourself, creating and having a content calendar will be more effective and help you spend your time efficiently. Be it small or big, being organized and coordinated will yield rich benefits! Consider the tips listed above and create a content calendar that would streamline the marketing strategy of your organization thereby saving time and increasing efficiency. Still, if you aren’t clear with the tips, contact BigDigits through https://bigdigits.in and our team will help you to get the best out of it!