Grow your business with a social media planner

Today, having enough resources has been the biggest struggle for businesses especially when it comes to marketing efforts. However, it is always vital to get the businesses in front of people and one of the most effective ways to do this is to use social media platforms. Social media is not only just a medium to build a profitable business but also a platform to influence the user’s decisions over the business services or products. The number of social media accounts continues to grow day by day, from business brands to community organizations and non-profits. There are tons of factors that account for a successful social media account but, one thing that the business brands must have is a clear social media planner for business growth. If you are looking for effective ways to have a social media planner for business growth, this bog will help you with the most!

social media planner for growing your business

What is a social media planner?

Social media plans, otherwise known as social media strategies, are essentially a summary of what is going to be done on social media profiles and what you hope to achieve. Setting up well thought social media planner in terms of social media presence will be highly beneficial. When the media planner for business growth will be more specific and detailed, the performance will be highly better as it will increase the brand awareness thereby helping the businesses to acquire more customers than ever before. Here, you will get some insightful statistics regarding the business growth ideas using the social media planner.

building a bulletproof social media plan

A social media planner will outline what should be achieved on social media and how it will support the over marketing strategy as the social media planner for business growth will help people determine your target audience, which social network should be joined, and what are the types of content to be developed and shared. A social media planner is one of the best business growth ideas as it will refine the content and cadence thereby helping the businesses to analyze their audience engagement to build a deep relationship with them. But, it is a must to know about the audience like what they truly care about, and what they are expecting to get engaged with the business.

Facts to consider while building a bulletproof social media plan

When it comes to media planners for business growth, it is a must to know how to create it. Here, you will get the details about some important facts that are needed to be considered while creating a perfect social media planner. Once you understand these all, you will be on the right path to achieve all the objectives of creating a social media planner.

1. Define the starting point

It is important to know where you are at and when it comes to the need for social media marketing activities. Before coming up with a social media planner for business growth, it must take a close look at its profiles against the profile of its competitors. Furthermore, it is recommended that you:

  1. Do a SWOT analysis to determine your company’s strengths and weaknesses 
  2. Research the competitors in the same industry 
  3. Conduct a PESTEL analysis to know where your company stands socially, economically, politically, legally, and environmentally.


2. Specify the target group of business audience

Ever, it will be quite tougher to understand the audience when you are planning to implement the business growth ideas. It is important to create content that your targeted group of audiences like, wish to comment on, and share with others. Following are the useful ways to get to know your audiences:

  1. Learn more about the reports, surveys, and statistics that can help you gain more insight. 
  2. Check out who your content resonates with the most and check whether the group matches with the ideal audience for the brand. 
  3. Come up with the newer personas that represent the ideal audiences.

3. Analyze the competitors present on social media

When you are planning to create a media planner for business growth, it is vital to understand the competition and the competitors existing and do check what kind of content they are publishing and what tone they are using to post, and so on. Spend time studying the competitors which will help to improve the business strategy


4. Establish KPIs for social media marketing for your business

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of social media marketing will be easier if you identify the key performance indicators (KPIs). It includes: 

  1. Leads generated from social media activity 
  2. Conversion rates from social media visitors 
  3. User engagement rate from the target audience group 
  4. Revenue generated from the marketing Website traffic from social media sources