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BigDigits, Performance Marketing Agency in Erode, was founded in May 2019 in response to growing client demand for specialized data-driven digital expertise. At BigDigits, we strive to achieve your target KPIs by finding the perfect combination of data, audience, and market experience. As a Performance Marketing Agency in Erode, our strategies involve online marketing and advertising campaigns that target the local audience and drive specific actions.

“To drive business results, we offer performance marketing service with content creation for each step of the consumer decision journey and discover your brand’s personality through Social Media Marketing”

best performance marketing agency in Erode

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What makes BigDigits a good performance marketing agency ?

Our primary role as a Performance Marketing Agency in Erode is to help you grow online. The most important thing is to grow your brand and KPIs. As a team, we set ambitious goals and developed a clear roadmap for success. Our Performance Marketing Agency in Erode uses sales funnel that clients can map out all the touch points their customers will experience before they make a purchase. Our sales funnel guides people through the buying process.

What makes BigDigits a good performance marketing agency

Our Execution Plan Includes:

Please contact us if you have any further questions about performance marketing.

Our Clients

How We Work?


Across industries and sectors, sophisticated brands advertises and are increasingly able to utilize data analytics and attribution. It is therefore increasingly important to get a solid return on both marketing budgets and their corresponding channels.


You need a team of analytics experts to achieve results. The reason is that brand marketing managers are able to report real results in real-time and take credit for the sales traffic they generate through effective analytics, and channels.


E-commerce or B2B brands can use these channels to convert sales or build prospect lists with email marketing lead capture forms. It is more efficient and scalable to run the optimized program at a cost-per-lead or ROI goal.

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Digital Sridhar, Erode
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BigDigits, the top Performance Marketing Agency in Erode completely satisfies my business needs. I appreciate your understanding even though there were delays on my end. The cost was reasonable, and all of our needs were satisfied. Thanks again!!
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Hip hip hurray!! We were genuinely impressed! If someone were to ask me for anything similar, I would, without a doubt, recommend you guys. You guys are excelled at social media and performance marketing.
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The early results are encouraging and going in the right direction. The BigDigits team was incredibly accommodating and prepared adequately for each meeting. Great working.
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BigDigits work well as a team, are pretty prompt in responding to inquiries, and respect deadlines. They offer helpful suggestions and are functional. Those perspectives and ideas may not have occurred to you otherwise. It has been a wonderful experience for me!
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I would highly suggest his services to anyone needing Performance Marketing. Despite the fact that they are excellent individuals and a joy to work with, what matters most is the quality of their work. There is no doubt that these services should be utilized by all businesses, whether they are new or established.

Frequently Asked Questions

The case for hiring an agency to handle your Inbound Marketing is strong when considering everything. The cost of hiring an performance marketing agency in Erode  is generally lower than that of hiring a marketing team.

In contrast, performance marketing agency in Erode specialize in pay-per-action digital marketing strategies that result in conversions, such as a lead generation inquiry or a sale for eCommerce. Businesses work closely with an agency to achieve their specific goals for recommendations and solutions.

Hiring a performance marketing agency is substantial compared to hiring an employee or doing it yourself, especially if it involves inbound marketing.

Successful marketing strategies are created and implemented by marketing firms for their clients. Often, the first step is marketing research to understand what is and is not working in the current marketing plan, followed by demographic analysis to create an ideal customer profile.

The future of Performance Marketing encompasses any marketing approach that improves your brand. Email marketing, search marketing (SEO and PPC), conversion rate optimization, content marketing, and more are some of the main focus areas.