Boost Your Brand With Simple Meme Marketing Strategy

It’s time now to take memes in your marketing strategy seriously! Meme marketing makes it easy to grow your brand! Know how to use memes to engage and connect with your target audience in minutes!

Digital marketers today are hopping on the mem trend as a well-timed meme may in certain situations drive in more user engagement for brands than any other marketing graphics. Today at least two-thirds of millennials are regularly sharing memes on social media as the only content that are more likely to be shared are infographics and travel photos than other styles of content. The most significant method of communication today is visual media. According to surveys, among those aged 13 to 35, 55% send memes every week, and at least 30% were exchanging memes every day. A little more than a quarter of those surveyed confessed that they are sending memes numerous times a day!

Brand promotions are no more just immersed in creating advertisements and are dedicated just to selling a product online! Everywhere in the world, brands are striving hard to increase engagement. And over time, they have moved their focus to a completely new marketing tactic called a meme marketing strategy. Memes do not make you laugh anymore. They are now a delightfully effective tool for brands to generate more awareness. You can look at this blog on what are memes marketing, how you can use them for your brand promotions, and what are all to be considered if you try out this strategy!

What is meme marketing?

Simply defined, meme marketing is a creative fusion of content and social media marketing. Yes, across all social media platforms, memes have evolved into a type of cultural currency in the modern era. Memes are amusing pieces of content with a picture and text that are meant for quick consumption, therefore employing them in your marketing strategy is unquestionably a good idea.

What is a successful meme marketing strategy?

A successful meme marketing strategy is one where you can use hilarious, entertaining, and shareable content to promote your brand or products, especially on online platforms. This is the most appreciated one over the years not only by the marketers alone but also by the audiences as well.

successful meme marketing strategy

Top 5 strategies to incorporate memes in your marketing strategy

To make your memes go viral, you have to incorporate 5 strategies with your content and they are:

  1. Post for your target audience 
  2. Realistic Expectations
  3. A genuine sense of humor that other people enjoy.
  4. Think creatively (Try using stills from a movie, significant news, etc.)
  5. A relatable feeling! Try conveying a tremendous meaning with a simple image.

Benefits of adding memes in your marketing strategy

Benefits of adding memes in your marketing strategy

Promoting brands by using memes in your strategy will give you benefits like:



Broader reachability – Memes help you reach more audience! Remember no one will share your ad unless it is more than just selling a product or service!

Better recall – It’s quite common that we rarely remember things we see on mobile phones until they make us stop scrolling! If you do meme marketing perfectly, it will make your brand pop up! If they recall your brand, they are more likely to purchase your products!

Higher user engagement – You can get huge shares, likes, comments, and a stronger recall of your brand! This will boost your followers. If your memes make people happy and laugh, they don’t even mind if you share an ad for your products.

Very easy to create -Unlike other pieces of content marketing, memes are not just you have to start from scratch. If you keep an eye on social media using mems regularly, you can get onto the memes that are already viral and on-trend.

It’s free – No PPC attachment makes you pay for likes and comments as it is a part of organic social media and content marketing strategies.

Top 6 Tips for using meme marketing strategy

  • Identify the right audiences 
  • Keep it as simple as you can 
  • Add in your originality 
  • Make use of already viral trends 
  • Have a backup meme library 
  • Don’t use memes that offend a part of society or a person in general

Are you ready to use memes in your strategy for brand promotions?

Well! Are you ready to use memes for promoting your brand? If yes, start thinking of utilizing the memes in your marketing strategy as it can be a great way to promote your brand! Yeah! Memes marketing for brands is relatable and affordable to produce, and of course, memes can increase your brand’s online visibility and user engagement online! But, remember one thing! Marketing/promoting your brand with an effective meme in your marketing strategy isn’t just always about following the trends as it can also allow your brand to be a trendsetter as well!

Final thoughts

Hey! Starting a new trend may sound tricky, but it is not impossible! If you are a beginner, all you need to do is to closely follow all the latest trends, and the latest memes to get an understanding of what your audience finds funny! This will also help you pick out what type of content usually goes viral! One more good option to go with is to add your brand’s name, slogan, or product to the trending memes by utilizing the latest design tools. Once you have understood/studied other marketing campaigns, it will become easy for you to design something unique and fame-worthy! Keep in mind that as long as you keep it real, crisp, funny, and entertaining, there is nothing to worry about!

What are the other ways through which you can gain traction with memes in marketing strategy? Please share your views/thoughts in the comment section below! If you are not sure of what to do, working with a digital marketing agency like BigDigits will help you get kickstarted with your memes in marketing transformation!

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