BDS celebrates 1st year

Yes, we’ve crossed our first milestone.

The best brands share not only the high points but also the setbacks. We’ve plotted milestones above the line for the good times and below for the tough ones in our company history from 2021.

1 year of Digital Transformation!!

365 days of Marketing Inspiration!! 

8750 hours of Self Motivation!!

Here we are #Markingourfirstdigit

Everyday at BDS is incredibly exciting 😃✌️

At BigDigits Digital Solutions LLP, we value every team member’s perspective and develop together as a community based on new ideas and differing perceptions. In this sense, BigDigits Digital Solutions LLP feels more like a family than a business to all our employees. 

Adding another diamond to the crown, a few of our employees, Haripriya, Deepika, and Karthikeyan also celebrated their first work anniversary along with BigDigits Digital Solutions LLP’ anniversary.

All rock stars, including interns, took part in the celebration. Seeing how excited our team is about this milestone is evident in the video.

BigDigits Digital Solutions LLP is a group of inspiring young minds who have pushed beyond their boundaries. As a result, we achieved this unique milestone, which keeps us rising to greater heights.

The elation we feel at celebrating this milestone directly results from our team members, customers, freelancers, and others who have worked with us throughout the years.

We, the BigDigits Digital Solutions LLP, are looking forward to celebrating a growing amount of happy and productive anniversaries and success parties.